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Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber of Commerce (KVK) declares that Nouvall Engineering Services is incorporated in its register.


VCU certificate: the declaration that Nouvall Engineering Services BV's Health and Safety management system complies with the requirements and standards of VCU 2007/04.

SNA / NEN 4400-1

Kiwa declares that Nouvall Engineering Services BV complies with the requirements in NEN 4400-1:2006 related to the declaration and deduction of income tax, sales tax and social security payments, identity documents administration and carrying out identify checks and verifying eligibility to word in the Netherlands. Nouvall Engineering Services BV is also registered with the Labour Standards Register (SNA).

Payroll Taxes Declaration

The tax and Customs Administration declares that Nouvall Engineering Services has paid all payroll taxes due.

G-Account Arrangement

Nouvall provides its clients with the assurance that all payroll taxes are deducted and paid to the Tax and Customs Administration by means of a G-Account.


Nouvall is registered with the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) as a company with the rigth to bring foreign employees to the Netherlands to work for Dutch clients.
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