Are you a successful Recruitment Consultant ready for the next step in your career? Join Nouvall Engineering Services and start working as a freelance recruiter.

We reduce the risks for you and take all the peripheral matters off your hands while you still enjoy the freedom that characterises entrepreneurship. This means you can focus on what you're good at: Matching professionals with clients' requirements in the (petro) chemical industry, with nothing else to worry about.

Internet culture 
The Internet now plays an extremely important role in recruitment. Nouvall Engineering Services ensures that as a freelance recruiter you can work online. You can do so from your home office, one of our offices or another location with an Internet connection from which you'd like to work.

Nevertheless, personal contact remains, and always will remain, essential. You stand out due to the quality of the service you provide.

Our culture
We work hard for our clients, for our professionals and for each other. We strive for results and above all to enjoy our work.

What's better than being a freelancer? Being responsible day in, day out, for your results and sharing successes with like-minded entrepreneurs. Assisting people with one of the most important aspects of their life: suitable employment! Doing what you do best every day, supported by a professional organisation.

In a nutshell, Nouvall Engineering Services enjoys working towards your goal: "Being your own boss and taking pleasure in your work."

You are fully supported by a professional back office including payroll and accounts receivable, finance, marketing, automation and certification, without any major investment on your part.

In short, everything you need to get off to a successful start. Some of the things we handle for you involve:

  • 100% professionals pre-financing;
  • Payroll administration for professionals in paid employment;
  • Deduction of tax and social security payments;
  • VCU Certification;
  • NEN Certification;
  • Payment of salary and reserves;
  • Invoice checks;
  • Responding to professionals and clients'questions about compensation, and invoices;
  • Printing invoices and distributing salary slips;
  • Website maintenance;
  • Software maintenance;
  • Business cards;
  • Contracts and links to job vacancy sites;


The contract 
The contract is based on a collaboration between Nouvall and the Recruitment Consultant. Nouvall gives you the right to use the software, website and back office established in a Mediation Agreement. The general rights and obligations are established in this agreement. We use a Mediation Assignment linked to the Mediation Agreement for each case of mediation carried out. The Mediation Assignment specifies the hourly rate the Recruitment Consultant may invoice to Nouvall and the details of the mediated professional.

Plug and play 
Nouvall Engineering Services uses an advanced front and back office system. Everything is pre-installed on a laptop, ready for use. This creates a 'plug and play' that is open wherever and whenever you want. You obtain access to the database that you can use to record and retrieve details of professionals and clients. The system also includes a matching module and you can search for candidates using key words and diverse matching criteria.

Reverse Billing
Since all the details are recorded centrally we use a reverse billing system. Each period, the Recruitment Consultants receive a clear overview specifying the professionals that were mediated with the corresponding hourly rates. This means you have to spend less time on billing. The invoices can be easily checked because you have access to the system in which ail the professionals' signed hours are entered. So you can be sure that the details on the invoices are correct.

Our references

Yara Benelux
Zeeland Refinery
Damen Schelde Naval Shipbuilding