Nieuw bij Nouvall: Alonso Vargas Torres

Jose werkt vanaf half april voor ons bij Dow als Civil Structural Engineer. Hiervoor is hij vanuit Peru naar Nederland geëmigreerd. 

How did you become known/come into contact with the Nouvall company and with this position? 
I was growing my network in Linkedin, connecting with interesting profiles when I came across Eugene De Vetter. I told him I was looking for a new challenge in The Netherlands and he told me he was looking for a Civil Engineer for Dow. He believed in me from the beginning, so I am very grateful for that.
What is/was your first impression of the Nouvall company?
I was curious about Nouvall, I was not sure if they were having participation on their clients projects. However, I looked into their employees and I found they had very interesting profiles in their team. Experienced and skilled engineers.
What was it like starting a new job during the corona crisis?
It was though not knowing what was going to happen. I finished my master in April 2020, so you can imagine my surprise with this "perfect timing". I took a brief break and resumed my job hunting after some months. 
What do you expect from this position and working at Nouvall?
I expect a lot of work! There is so much to learn from Dow and from my colleagues from Dow and Nouvall. These are challenging times, so I am ready to give my 100%.
What are your ambitions, so where will you be in 5 years?
My biggest ambition is to be a consolidated engineer in The Netherlands. I am very grateful to Nouvall and Dow for trusting in me, so in 5 years I see myself working with them and having more responsibilities in both companies.
What do you do in your spare time?
In 2020, I started my own business related to esports digital marketing. At some point I thought that the world would become more digital and traditional sports would be replaced by electronic sports due to the pandemic. I also enjoy cooking peruvian food!

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