Piping designers

The Piping Designer is especially responsible for designing piping systems for factories and industrial installations. For this purpose, the Piping Designer draws up proposals, layout drawings, pipeline plans and isometrics. The Piping Designer can also design the layout of, for example, engine rooms, pump rooms, etc., and make layout drawings for engines, generators, pumps, modules, etc. The Piping Designer must bear in mind, among other things, ease of access to cranes to replace parts of the plant; the maintenance and safeguarding of escape routes and making devices and instruments accessible. The design is normally made using specially developed software. There is increasing use of 3D modelling packages, but 2D packages are still in use.

The duties of a Piping Designer can include:

  • Performing recording and survey work;
  • Designing piping systems and pipe support;
  • Drawing up design proposals, drafting drawings, pipeline plans, production drawings and isometrics;
  • Drafting as-built drawings;
  • Supervising contractors during construction.


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