Why Nouvall

Our recruiters know that the right professional in the right place is people business and this requires reliable selection of and a good bond with these professionals. An effective bond with and support for professionals results in increased motivation and that usually leads to greater and improved commitment and flexibility. So professionals can be employed for your projects and focus on your core requirements. Filling the desired position, in a professional and expert manner, so that you, the client, is guaranteed continuity for your projects and business operations.

Nouvall fosters its bond with professionals by open, honest and personal communication, by devoting attention to them and valuing them, by offering flexible employment conditions and by thinking about their development. From the very beginning (recruitment stage), Nouvall is open and honest about the client, the vacancy and the employment conditions etc. Even the less appealing aspects are mentioned so that the employee doesn't get any unpleasant surprises if they later come to light. The bond is also strengthened because Nouvall seamlessly takes care of the matters that professionals regularly have to manage, by proactively organising these elements, correct payment and contact at appropriate times.

Our references

Yara Benelux
Zeeland Refinery
Damen Schelde Naval Shipbuilding